In Washington DC, the worst rise to the top and the exceptional get booted because they won’t toe the line.

Joe Biden has decided to remove numerous Trump appointments from various military advisory boards, long before their terms are up. Foremost among the targets is ret. Col. Douglas Macgregor, who President Trump appointed to the board of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Col. Macgregor served this nation for nearly three decades in the U.S. Army, and as the tank commander at the 1991 Battle of 73 Easting, is a bonafide war hero. He is universally regarded as the most innovative thinker produced by his generation of soldiers.

And it’s that intelligence and capability on the battlefield that led to his being sidelined. He knew the invasion of Iraq was going to be a disaster. He knew occupying Afghanistan was a complete waste. And he knew intervening in Syria would only empower terrorists and other enemies.

You see, you can’t add a capable person to a group of failures, because then their deficits become all too apparent. That’s why the War Party blocked Macgregor‘s nomination to be Ambassador to Germany. That’s why when he was made senior advisor to the Secretary of Defense, they undermined his attempts to bring our troops home from the Middle East.

They’re afraid of him.

And they’re petty enough to remove him from the board of West Point.

They’d rather see the next generation of officers learn at the knees of the generals who lost our wars rather than the soldier who got them right.

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Our organization salutes the bravery, tenacity, and brilliance of Col. Douglas Macgregor. And shame on Joe Biden for not recognizing that.

-Sgt. Dan McKnight
Chairman, BringOurTroopsHome.US