In the past 24 hours, Vladimir Putin has launched a multi-pronged attack against Ukraine. Many military depots have been destroyed, and their capital of Kiev has been bombed.

War is hell. I’ve witnessed it firsthand. We’re going to be hearing a lot of stories coming out of Ukraine. Our hearts will weigh heavy as the human toll becomes apparent.

But we must remain steadfast: this isn’t our fight.

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The cause of America First has won a great victory: the White House has stated that there is “no scenario” where U.S. soldiers are deployed to Ukraine to fight the Russians.

That’s because of our pressure on the administration. It’s because of our activism that American troops are not boarding planes to die on the Eurasian steppe.

And it’s because of supporters like you, and members of the Ten Seven Club, who financially commit to our cause and provide us the resources to defeat the War Party.

If you’re a member of the Ten Seven Club, you did your part to save American lives. Thank you.

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In the coming weeks and possibly months, you’re going to hear a lot of propaganda—from globalist hacks in the media, from the military-industrial complex who have dollar signs in their eyes, and from the politicians on their payroll.

They’ll say we have to protect democracy in Ukraine.

The fact is, Ukraine has the same economic oligarchs as Russia, the same corruption. Volodymyr Zelensky silences journalists and newspapers just like Putin. This is nothing that our Founding Fathers would recognize as a free government.

They’ll say we have a legal obligation to protect the international order.

We have no treaty with Ukraine, no military alliance. No president has ever signed such a commitment, and the U.S. Senate had never ratified such a thing. The fact is, members of Congress like to tweet out hashtags like #StandWithUkraine without knowing where it even is.

And hasn’t the past 24 hours demonstrated that NATO membership for Ukraine was always a disastrous idea? If we were allied to Kiev right now we’d be looking down the shaft of an ICBM as we run towards the bunkers.

As for international order, that’s code for global empire. Sorry Joe Biden, I took an oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution, not the NATO charter.

They’ll say we have a moral obligation to intervene.

The only moral obligation America’s elected leaders have is to the American people.

And the most humane thing we can do is support diplomacy and negotiations to end this war as soon as possible.

As you hear these lies, pleas, and crocodile tears from special interests—meant to wear down your resolve—keep repeating the words etched in your heart: America First.

America First yesterday, America First today, and forever America First.

That is our cause. And what’s happening in Eastern Europe is not our fight.

God bless, and pray for peace.

-Sgt. Dan McKnight
Chairman, Bring Our Troops Home