The day has arrived.

We’re on the cusp of November, and Christmas shopping is around the corner. In expectation of the holidays, we’re giving away something that’s sure to stuff your stocking.

We’re raffling off a Springfield Armory Saint Victor AR-15 Rifle.

Colored an olive drab green, this puppy comes with all the bells and whistles. Sporting a full-length, 15 inch aluminum hand guard, it’s as versatile and adaptable as any rifle on the market. It has a flat trigger face to ensure precision accuracy, and it’s mid-length gas system means it’s as reliable as they come and will be operable for years.

We’re even throwing in an M600DF Scout Light, an exploratory weapon light that mounts easily on the rifle and can produce up to 1,500 lumens of blinding white light.

When you’re holding this beautiful machine in your hand, it’ll be a very merry Christmas indeed.

What’s most important is this magnificent piece of weaponry, which retails at wallet exploding $1,450, can be yours for as little as $10.

That’s the price of membership for our supporters’ group, the Ten Seven Club. Named for the anniversary of the start of the Global War on Terror, October 7, 2001, it’s where our staunchest allies can do their part to help us pass “Defend the Guard” legislation and make sure Congress votes to declare any future war.

Your assistance, both moral and financial, is critical at this time. My team is already reaching out to bill sponsors in all fifty states, scheduling meetings and getting confirmations. By New Years we’re going to be in the thick of it as state legislatures convene and begin debating and voting on “Defend the Guard” bills we’ve introduced.

The minimum you have to give to quality for the giveaway is $10. But I’m asking you to chip in a little more. A boost of just $15, or splurging at $25, can move mountains.

It takes resources to organize committee hearings, lobby members, and assemble veterans to testify. Now imagine doing it fifty times over. That’s why your help is make or break for our efforts.

To put things in perspective, I’d like to share with you the other reason I decided to announce our big holiday raffle today, October 28th.

It is the 135th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty. In 1886 President Grover Cleveland presided over the ceremony that turned a benignant gift from France into one of America’s most recognizable landmarks.

And it’s a reminder that Lady Liberty enlightens the world, but does not police it.

Around her feet are chains that she’s breaking away from. Originally this was meant to signify the abolition of slavery in America and the freeing of all men from servitude.

Today, for us, it represents the spirit of this nation unshackling itself from the War Party and breaking the bonds of the military-industrial complex who have for so long sought to control, manipulate, and even own the American people.

But never again—with your help.

The raffle will end on Sunday, December 5, with plenty of time to ship and arrive before Christmas Day.

Please give what you can, and join the Ten Seven Club with a reoccurring monthly donation. I want to finally put an end to these multi-decade illegal wars. And I’d like to reward you for your support along the way.

-Dan McKnight
Chairman, Bring Our Troops Home

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