As I teased in last week’s newsletter, I’m here with a special announcement this Presidents’ Day.

Presidents’ Day Gun Giveaway – powered by

Our new gun giveaway!

If you become a member of the Ten Seven Club, you’ll be automatically eligible to win a brand new Glock 43.

My handgun of choice utilizes a single stack, 9mm Luger caliber pistol and can cost as much as $450 retail.

Watch our launch video below to hear more about this ultra-concealable, accurate shooter and how you can win it for as little as $10 a month.

Just go to the Ten Seven Club and sign up. I named our supporters’ group after October 7, 2001 to remember when our soldiers first hit the ground in Afghanistan.

Every penny you contribute goes towards bringing our troops home and ending the Global War on Terror that started that day.

That includes financing the “Defend the Guard” movement, and getting local legislators to reassert the U.S. Constitution and their sovereignty over the National Guard.

Whipping bill sponsors, holding hearings, winning votes, and flying in veterans to testify—that’s all paid for through the contributions you make through the Ten Seven Club.

And now as a reward for your help you can win a Glock 43 if you sign up before the raffles closes on midnight, April 3.

As a bonus, every member of the Ten Seven Club is guaranteed to receive a sticker and embroidered patch with our logo, and a thank you note from me.

You can both do your duty and win big at the same time. Join today, and don’t regret missing out.

-Sgt. Dan McKnight
Chairman, Bring Our Troops Home