In ten days, our ongoing gun raffle will close, and we’ll be giving away an NK-1 Bullpup shotgun to a lucky member of our supporter’s group, the Ten Seven Club.

I’d like to share with you these photos of our last winner, Howard from Arkansas, holding the Springfield Armory AR-15 rifle that we gave away for our last raffle.

I love seeing an American exercise his rights! And Howard was able to do so because he also believes in the right of soldiers to not be sent into war unless first declared by Congress, a section of the Constitution just as crucial to the preservation of American liberty as the Second Amendment.

Howard became eligible to win after he joined the Ten Seven Club with a reoccurring donation. You could do the same, setting aside $25, $15, or as little as $10 a month to help the cause and bring our troops home.

Joining for any amount ensures you’ll receive an embroidered patch and sticker with our organization’s logo, along with a personal thank you note from me. And if you hit our $10 threshold your name will be automatically entered into our raffle.

An NK-1 Bullpup 12-gauge shotgun is a superb addition to any home arsenal. And with a $700 retail price, it could be yours for pennies on the dollar. Click here to enter!

I would love to pull your name out and announce you as our next winner. And you still have ten days to join!

Be like Howard, and don’t let this opportunity slip by.

-Sgt. Dan McKnight
Chairman, BringOurTroopsHome.US